Beechmont Broadband

NBN Co data for BEECHMONT 

Total premises originally planned to be serviced by a fixed wireless tower:  395 premisesTotal premises now allocated  fixed line technology:  0 premisesTotal premises now allocated satellite NBN:  395 premises


Total premises originally planned to be serviced by a fixed wireless tower:   267 premisesTotal premises now allocated fixed line technology:  5 premisesTotal premises now allocated satellite NBN:  262 premises

Beechmont and Lower Beechmont are looking for Internet Service Providers who can deliver real superfast broadband to the Beechmont residences and businesses with speeds of 100 Mbps or more.  Like Gigabit Fibre to the Premises or with Gigabit Fixed Wireless.   The current  proposed solution from our National Broadband Network Corporation (NBNCo) is a satellite delivered product called "SkyMuster",  which doesn't reach the 100 Mbps mark and is not quite Gigabit capable.  The gamers don't like the inherent high latency on satellite links.  And  worst of all there are no "Unlimited" plans for watching streaming video like Netflix or Disney.   The community is now looking for something better and would be delighted to entertain proposals from licenced carriers to provide new broadband services in the area.    Address your expressions of interest to the Secretary of the Beechmont Area Progress Association Inc -  Details on


Government grants are available for regional digital connectivity projects.

Listing of street names to be connected.

Facing the challenges of broadband deployment in rural and remote areas.  With references from the people who have been there and done that.

The neighbourhood organisation who operates the Beechmont Community Centre and puts its weight behind many worthwile Beechmont projects.

1835 Beechmont Road, BEECHMONT QLD 4211